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Spring is a wonderful time to admire the beauty of nature, as well as the work of artists! For anyone interested in art exhibitions, openings are occurring all over United States–as well as worldwide–this April. Below are a few interesting exhibitions happening in New York, Chicago and London.

New York

Interested in life-like art? During the months of April through May, the work of Malcolm Morley will be displayed at Sperone Westwater in New York City. Known as a photorealist, Morley presents his depictions of the elements of historical periods, especially war. This exhibition definitely aims to heighten a “viewer’s sensation and experience of his work”. Morley’s exhibition opens this April and will end May 16.

Check out Art Slant and Sperone Westwater for more information.




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Interested in sculptures? The Art Institute of Chicago will be featuring the work of Liz Larner, a Los Angeles based sculptor. Known additionally as a colorist, the types of sculpture material Larner uses range from paper to ceramic to bacteria. With her work seen as “perceptually playful”, one significant factor in the creation of her sculptures is her “commitments to both the formal and the connotative power of an object”. The work of Larner will be on display from April 24 to Sep. 27.

Check out Art Slant and Artic for more information.


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Interested in abstract art? On the other side of the globe, the work of Sonia Delaunay’s exhibition will be on display at the Tate Modern. Known for her prominence in the Parisian avant-garde, her work includes unique painting, clothes, and textiles. Her work also highlights on urban life and technology. Delaunay’s work will be on display in London from April 15 to Aug. 9.

Check out Tate Museum and Art Slant for more information.




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