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Credit: solitudehighlife via Tumblr

Credit: solitudehighlife via Tumblr

Living in New York City for college has proven to me the cliché statement that “the city is your campus.” I might’ve rolled my eyes when I heard this at first, but it’s kind of true. I’m fortunate enough that I get to call this urban jungle home during the school year. But as fun as my concrete playground is, I always have to stay mindful of how I’m getting from place to place, and that goes for everyone at college, whether you’re also studying in a city or on a relaxed rural campus.

  1. Make sure you can pay the price. Most means of transportation are going to cost time and money, that’s the truth, whether it’s a subway ride, a taxi, or a plane getaway. You need to be smart enough to gauge how much money you need to save to put on your Metrocard or keep in a special place for a trip you’re dying to go on. Running low on cash? Just be honest about it – we’re all in the same boat! Ask a friend to split the cost and repay.
  2. Be aware of people around you and your belongings. Most people are harmless, but you always need to stay alert of people walking or sitting around you. The voice on the PA system at the airport telling you “Please keep personal belongings at your side” may be a nuisance to hear every 5 minutes, but it’s no joke. Always check and double check for what I (and my parents) consider the 3 main priorities: phone, wallet, keys. Turn it into a song. “Phone, wallet, keys. Phone, wallet keys. I must keep my phone, wallet, keys.”
  3. Be able to lift your luggage! I admit it, I tend to over pack and never use more than half the stuff I bring with me – anywhere. Whether it’s at school or on vacation. Travel lightly, and I mean it. If you carry a tote bag around at school, it’ll get heavy after a while and you’ll have a backache for days! If you can, carry some stuff in your arms. As for trips, be aware that some airlines have baggage weight limits and even charge for extra luggage. Be mindful – do you really need to bring 4 pairs of jeans for a 1-week trip? Think of some of your clothes that can be worn with different outfits. It’ll work and be cute for your entire vacation, I promise!

I hope this advice helps with your travels! Holiday season is coming up, so lots of people will be traveling. Anyone going anywhere special? (I’m going to Paris in December!)

Stay Smart!


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