Winter Fashion DO's & DONT's

Ladies, winter is right around the corner. And that Starbuck’s coffee is not going to keep you warm forever while walking from class to class on campus. We are talking weeks, if not days until the first really cold day comes. You know what I’m talking about; that first day when you walk outside your dorm and you think “Yup. It’s winter.” To prepare for that day, here are some tips on what to wear (and what not to wear) for the first snow/the first cold day of winter:

Tip#1 DO: Leggings and cute, don’t get me wrong. But they are thin and completely unreasonable for 30 below weather. What every “winter-girl” needs is a pair of think skinny jeans. Every winter, retail stores such as American Eagle, Limited, JCrew, and Charlotte Russe stock up on think straight-leg/skinny jeans for girls to stay warm during the winter. You can even get a black pair to compensate for not wearing your black leggings anymore! Plus, skinny jeans go great with some of my next tips! (Sweaters, scarves, combat boats, etc.)

DON’T: Wear legging in the freezing cold weather! As cute as you may look, people will think you’re crazy for doing so! Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice your style! There are too many cute winter fashion trends out there for you to sacrifice your warm legs!


Tip #2 DO: Combat Boats. ATTENTION. LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT. Combat boats are super in this year, ladies. As much as you love you knee-high brown leather boats, combat boats are what is in right now, and let me key you in on why these are such a great buy for the winter weather. First of all, these boots tie all the way to the top of the boot, leaving cold wind and wet snow OUT of your shoes, leaving your feet and fuzzy socks dry and warm! Luckily, these are not shoes you dread wearing during the winter because they are ugly, these are shoes that are stylish, warm, and will keep the wind and wetness of winter snow out of your shoes!

DON’T: Where Tom’s or any kind of sandal/flip flop in the winter…ever! Sandals and flip flops are way too “before-Labor-Day” anyways. Tom’s a cute, but they will not keep your feet warm while walking to class! Understand that you have other fashion-forward shoe choices you can search through before you come to the insane decision to wear Tom’s in 25 degree weather.


Tip #3 DO: Sweaters. Big sweaters. This year, walking around campus I’ve noticed that the new trend is oversized sweaters and scarves. I’ll be addressing scarves next, so lets talk about the oversized sweaters for right now! You can find oversized sweaters anywhere from Target to The Limited. These sweaters will keep you warm and away from the freezing cold weather of the winter time. From what I’ve noticed, these oversized sweaters are a flash-back to the 80’s. Don’t be afraid to rock that big maroon colored sweater with hearts on it! Tied together with a scarf, skinny jeans, and boots, your outfit will be rockin’!

DON’T: Think that you can get away with a cute “half-sleeve” shirt with a scarf and make it to class without frost-bite. Everyone knows it’s freezing outside, so no one is expecting you to wear that super cute short sleeve shirt you wore during the fall. I repeat…no one.


Tip #4 DO: Scarves are always a safe idea. Outfit looking kinda boring in the mirror? Add a scarf! This winter, I think it’s safe to say that any kind of scarf will do! However, for the winter weather I would recommend a heavy scarf. What do I mean by heavy? I mean the scarf should not be light and thin, it should be substantial enough to keep your neck warm when walking from class to class.

DON’T: Wear summer scarves that are thin and decorative. There are plenty of decorative winter (heavy-duty) scarves out there that will complete your outfit just as well as your summer scarf. Put the summer scarves away, it’s time for the winter scarves to play!

Until next time,

– Rachel Tracy

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  • Sheryl Waite

    TjMax has some great combat boots out right now! I just bought a pair. It’s good to know that I’ll be in style come winter. Thanks for all the great tip’s Miss Tracy!! 😉

    • rtracy

      You are quite welcome!! 🙂

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    • Jess Storie

      This is spam, just so you know.

  • Jess Storie

    These criticisms come from a desire to help, so please don’t be offended.

    #1 I feel that, on a site for young women, even in a fashion article, there should be some mention that it’s okay to dress lazily for class, especially on days when one simply isn’t feeling like doing more than making sure they make it to class and stay awake. Without that mention, it’s another article in an endless series of online articles that make it seem as if fashion MUST always be paid attention to, even when doing things where the main goal is not at all effected by appearance. I understand the secondary goal of socialization is, don’t get me wrong.

    #2. I’m not sure where you’re located, but most high schools and universities/community colleges/whathaveyou cancel class when it’s thirty below.

    This part, I’m simply sharing because you might not be aware. For extremely cold temperatures where people are still expected to go about their normal routine, a pair of thick skinny jeans isn’t nearly as effective as layers.

    Not all tights are thin. There are specifically-made winter tights that would give you heatstroke if worn during the winter, usually lined with fleece or made entirely out of a thicker fabric or yarn with a close knit. These are still very smooth and relatively low-profile, which makes them ideal for layering with skinny jeans, especially the fleece-lined but otherwise normal tights. Thigh-high socks and legwarmers over tights can also make it possible to continue wearing tights instead of jeans. Some of us simply don’t fit into jeans well.

    I live in an area where the temperature likes to drop below zero and stay there for a week, and it also likes to go months without ever getting above freezing. I own tights that are thicker and warmer than any pair of pants, same for thigh-high socks. Not stockings, but socks.

    I understand this is something of a puff piece, but I still thought I’d share my criticisms and experience.

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