WCWS Recap

Thursday, May 30 through Tuesday, June 4 marked the 2013 Women’s College World Series (WCWS) in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The best eight Division 1 softball programs in the country met to determine who this year’s National Champion would be. Among the teams present in Oklahoma City were Oklahoma, Washington, Nebraska, Tennessee, Texas, Florida, Arizona State, and Michigan. The first set of teams knocked out was Nebraska and Arizona State. Nebraska’s entrance was far from ugly though. The Corn Huskers battled against Florida for 15 innings, eventually losing 9-8. The semi-finals ended with Tennessee and Oklahoma coming out on top.

On Monday, June 3 and Tuesday, June 4 the Championship games were held. The game was an incredible pitchers battle in which both Oklahoma’s Keilani Ricketts and Tennessee’s Renfroe sisters. In day one of the championship action, the game was scoreless up until the 11th inning when Tennessee’s Madison Shipman sent one over the center field fence to bring the game 3-0. But it didn’t end there; in pure Oklahoma fashion, the Sooners answered and brought the game back to a tie. The 12th inning was still at 3-3 until Oklahoma’s Lauren Chamberlain knocked a 2-run homer out to deep left field to win the game.

Game two was exciting, but not nearly as riveting as game one had been. Oklahoma’s pitching power-house, Keilani Ricketts, hit a 3-run homer

to solidify the game. In a normal 7-inning battle, the Sooners came out on top 4-0 to win the Women’s College World Series.





Kristen Wooten

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