Ways to Cope with Separation

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I hope the Fall semester is treating all of you well and  that none of you have had severe cases of homesickness yet.

Moving away for college is a big step for anyone in their lives. Home is comfortable: laundry, meals and basic bills are  usually taken care. Not to mention having a comfortable bed with rare neighbor noise. Unfortunately it also means having the same rules you had in high school. Leaving for college is a big transition in life. It has its pros and cons, which have to be seriously considered. One of the biggest adjustments would be leaving the parental units and your friends. Here are a few ways to cope with being away from family and friends for extended periods of time.

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Social Media

We live in a world where we are closer to our loved ones thanks to social media networks. Snap Chat, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, text messages and good ole phone calls are great ways to stay in touch! A fabulous way to keep everything organized would be to create a group on Facebook so your family members could post updates and you can catch up on your spare time. A personal favorite of mine is Instragram because the pictures you upload there can be instantaneously posted to Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr to keep all your friends and family in the loop.

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Care Packages

College students and soldiers love care packages. Actually, everyone loves receiving a box of goodies in the mail and you cannot blame them. If you want to send things home some interesting things to send would be college gear, post cards, pictures, snacks that are popular amongst the locals ( if you’re really far away) and even snail mail! Everyone loves receiving a letter in the mail so make it cute and put thought into it.  Perhaps they will  even reciprocate that with a lovely care package!


Some students pray to relax and others go get their nails done. When you are feeling homesick, find something new to do in your college town! Get out there and explore! It will distract you and remind you that you are there for  both your education as well as the experience. Missing home is okay, but you should not sell yourself short. Adjusting to new places can be scary, but it is beyond worth it!

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