Up & Coming Preppy Brands

Hi! This is Jen again and today I will be sharing my favorite up and coming preppy brands!

  1. Collared Greens: This is a great brand if you have a beau because CG makes adorable bowties and belts. For us belles, they make shirts, croakies, and koozies! (http://www.collaredgreens.com)
  2. Krass & Co: Their running shorts are actually to die for. They have some with seahorses and sailboats! I also really like their croakies (I love croakies clearly)! (http://www.krassandco.com)
  3. Southern Proper: This is another one of those “more for guys” websites, but they have this shirt with bowties on it that has been on my wishlist for two years! They also have cute little hats, pullovers, vests, and iPhone cases! In addition, they have a fairly good sale section (I know that’s one of the places I look at first). (http://www.southernproper.com)
  4. Kiel James Patrick: KJP is one of my favorite brands! They’re not exactly up and coming, but I couldn’t not put them on this list! KJP makes rope bracelets, belts, earrings, headbands, and as of recently, adorable bags! My favorite is this orange coral one (Coral Laurel). They also make oxfords with scalloped necklines, but they’re a bit pricey. (https://kieljamespatrick.com)
  5. Tuckernuck: I like Tuckernuck because their clothes are preppy with a twist. They have ruffled collared shirts and chambray, which are not always thought of as too preppy! But definitely check them out for school-appropriate clothes! (http://tnuck.com)


I hope you all enjoyed this post and I can’t wait to post again soon!

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Jen Cavazuti

Jen is a typical high school senior stressing over college apps…and what to wear tomorrow. She loves to blog, Instagram and sing in her school chorus. When she isn’t taking pictures, she’s studying, on Pinterest, or probably on a coffee run.

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