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openingdayWith March Madness and the Masters coming to a close recently, many sports fans are switching gears as they prepare for this weeks upcoming sporting events. Sports fans are making the transition from March Madness brackets to NBA playoff brackets and fantasy baseball drafts, as MLB Opening Day started the season on April 5, 2015. This week in baseball, the Redox play the Nationals at Fenway Park in a three game series beginning on Monday April 13, 2015. In an AL East division series, the Yankees will take on the Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards on Monday, April 13, 2015. is a good resource for keeping updated on all of your favorite teams upcoming games!

blackhawkvpredatorThe first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs begin on Wednesday, April 15 of this week. In a highly anticipated match, the Blackhawks will play the Predators on this Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. Unexpectedly, the Jets have made their way into the playoffs. They will be playing the Ducks in the first round. The Jets were not a favorite for the playoffs at the start of the season last fall, but they have changed significantly since the start of the season, as Kane was gone and Drew Stafford and Tyler Myers were traded from the Buffalo Sabres. For a full, updated, schedule of this weeks matchups, you can visit

lebroncavsplayoffHockey isn’t the only sport with fast approaching playoffs. Friday, April 15 is the last day of the NBA regular season. This is a very important week for the NBA, as much of the playoff bracket remains TBD. As teams begin to secure their seeds in the playoff bracket, there are a few must-see games this week. The Atlanta Hawks have secured the number one seed with 60 wins in the regular season. They have games on Monday and Wednesday of this week. LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers are the second seed and seem to be the favorites to win the Eastern Conference. The Cavs play this week, on Wednesday, against the Pistons. The Golden State Warriors have claimed the number one seed in the Western Conference with an NBA-best 65 wins. Stephen Curry, a MVP candidate this season, has the opportunity to carry his team through the playoffs to the finals. The Golden State Warriors have a game this week, on Wednesday, against the Denver Nuggets. However, the entire bracket has not yet been determined. In the western conference, the Grizzlies, Los Angeles Clippers, San Antonio Spurs and Houston Rockets make up the next five seeds after Golden State. The Portland Trailblazers will remain in the number four spot, but the other teams have a chance to finish in the number two bracket, at the highest, or number six at the lowest. I’ll leave the outcome predictions up to you, NBA fans!

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