The Week Treat: Sephora Favorites

Ah, Sephora. The land of all things makeup, skin, and hair care. If you are like us, it’s pretty overwhelming stepping into Sephora and not having a clue what to get or where to get it. That’s why Sephora is our Week Treat this week. We are breaking down Sephora for you and making it easier to not only just pick out products, but budget yourself so you don’t leave with an empty wallet and a guilty conscience. It is important to treat yourself (you work hard!), and we’ll show you just how to do that without breaking the bank. Take a look at our Sephora favorites and treat yourself with something special this week.


Under $10

Our under $10 items this week are amazing finds. If you are focused enough to budget yourself in Sephora, you will succeed. But don’t worry, we did the research for you. So go ahead and check out our great under $10 products. Also, be sure to give the Tea Tree face mask a try. Its ultra soothing and will be the life savior your face needs as it battles the cold winter air.


Under $25

The under $25 items we’ve compiled are all the necessities of a happy, healthy beauty routine. We’ve included a lip and cheek tinted cream, mascara, exfoliating soap, a body butter and dry shampoo. These products have the qualities of becoming one of your daily, go-to items, and because of this, are definitely worth treating yourself with.


Under $50

Treat yourself right this week with an item that you know will be worth spending some extra money on. Since we’re talking about our skin, hair, and lips here, we want to make sure we are buying the right products to keep us healthy. That’s why, it’s important to buy products you can trust. Check out these under $50 items, including a travel size hair straightener and a bold eye shadow pallette, to put the perfect touch on any beauty look.


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