The Week Treat: J.Crew Favorites

This week, we’ve been in the mood to get our closets and wardrobes ready for spring. Using this week’s Ready, Set, Goal, we’ve organized our closets to perfection. Now, we are ready to liven them up with new clothes. With Spring coming quickly, now is the ideal time to buy some new statement pieces that will stand out this season. That’s why this week’s Week Treat is all about J.Crew. J.Crew has some amazing finds for Spring, and we’ve broken them down into three sections: under $10, under $25, and under $50. Spring is coming, my friends. So treat yourself this week to something that will get you excited for a new season and a fresh start.


Under $10

Our under $10 items are simple, yet fun. We are loving the flower stud earrings. These earrings will add the perfect Spring touch to your outfits. Pair them with a denim jacket, floral skirt, and wedges, and you’re in. Also, we adore this leopard hair barrette. If you’re itching for something a little wild in your outfit, but don’t want to be over the top, a bold hair piece is the perfect choice. Choose one with a fun print or with bright colors to spice up your look.


Under $25

The items under $25 this week are amazing. Even though the temperatures are warming up, it still can be a little chilly. This cardigan is perfect for Spring because it will keep you warm, yet it doesn’t look like it’s meant for winter. The pastel color and white stripes make this cardigan perfect for a brisk, Spring day. Also, be sure to check out the statement necklace. J.Crew loves statement necklaces and so do we. A necklace, such as this one, paired with a plain, solid top will add sophistication to any outfit. J.Crew has so many great necklaces, many with lots of bright colors for spring.


Under $50

A new season means a fresh start. Treat yourself this week with a great J.Crew find under $50. We love this striped canvas clutch. This handbag is so perfect for Spring because it will add a little nautical touch to any outfit, and will also be a great Spring to Summer transition bag. Also, check out the super cute flats we’ve chosen, which also come in a nude color. Everyone needs a good pair of flats that they can trust, and if you don’t have a pair like this, now is the time. Flats will soon be making a come back for the warmer months ahead, so make sure you’re prepared.

Treat yourself to any of these amazing items this week. You deserve it. 🙂

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