The Week Treat: Free People

free people

Congratulations, you’ve made it halfway through this week! Whether midterms, work, or anything else has been pushing you to your limits this week, we understand. It’s time to reward yourself for all the hard work and effort you’ve been giving. That’s why this week’s Week Treat is from one of our favorite brands, Free People. We’ve broken down some of Free People’s amazing items to fit any budget. So go ahead and treat yourself this week with something special from Free People that will give you a little extra motivation to get through this week.



Under $10

Although Free People can definitely seem like a financial investment, it is still possible to find some inexpensive products. And lucky for you, we did our homework. Here are the best items under $10 that you no doubt love. These unique stone detail hair rings will totally be a statement and a conversation starter.



Under $25

I bet you’ll be surprised on just how many awesome items you can find for under $25 at Free People. From dresses to work out gear, Free People doesn’t have to break your bank. We are especially loving the sweetheart top and woven vintage key ring.



Under $50

Free People has so many great items to offer under $50. You won’t regret spending a little extra money on an item you’ll have forever and wear often. Take an extra look at the New Romantics Pretty Pretty Tee. This top is perfect to pair with jeans and wedges for Spring (which is almost here!).

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