The True Meaning of Memorial Day

Memorial Day is usually a day in which we all kick off the summer either at the beach or at backyard barbeques. Many of us forget, however, that Memorial Day is a holiday intended to honor U.S. military members who have given their lives while serving our country. This year, while you’re celebrating, keep in mind these things you can do to help honor those brave service men and women who have fought to protect us.


Many of us already know to fly the American Flag at half-mast all day, but we can specifically honor prisoners of war and soldiers missing in action by flying the POW/MIA flag at half-mast as well.

At 3 PM local time on Memorial Day, there is a National Moment of Remembrance. I encourage you all to have a moment of silence wherever you are at that time. Pause for just one minute of the day to remember and reflect on the sacrifices made by so many courageous Americans.

Poppies are the flowers of remembrance for fallen soldiers. This is a great gift for family members who have had or currently have loved ones in the military. They’ll love your generosity and appreciate a small gift to commemorate their loved one.


Another easy way to celebrate is to play upbeat, patriotic music at your Memorial Day Weekend party to keep the true meaning of Memorial Day alive.

Recycling your old phones to can help active military members. The funds raised by donating your old phone go to buy prepaid calling cards to soldiers overseas. This helps military personnel around the world easily connect with their loved ones back home.

These simple ways to show your support can go a long way. By sharing this list with friends and family, you can help keep alive the memories of our fallen soldiers. Have a Happy Memorial Day!

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