The Importance of Having a Guy Best Friend

I love my guy best friend almost as much as I love my mom, which is a lot of love. In fact, I’m Skype-ing with him right now! Chris and I met each other the first week of my freshman year, when we were both new kids at our school. He was a junior and even took me to prom with him with him! Chris has helped and watched me grow up over the past couple years, and I think I’ve done the same for him.

Having a guy best friend is amazing for so many reasons!

1. They’re protective of you. This relates to physical and emotional protectiveness! For example, Chris and I went to a Rascal Flatts concert and there was a lot of drunk fights going on, which I wasn’t comfortable with. Him being 6’4 makes it a lot easier for me to feel safe, especially when I’m pinned to his side while walking through crowds. They also like to make sure no boy ever breaks your heart, which can either whip your boy toy’s tush into shape or scare them off… Definitely worth the risk, though.

2. They give better-than-the-magazines advice. Okay, sure, the magazines have some sort of idea of how to talk to a guy and whether or not they like you, but what about your best guy friend? They live in your town, go to your school and know the boys you’re interested in. There’s a big chance they have a better idea of what you’re up against than Teen Vogue or Seventeen.

3. When they say you’re beautiful, they mean it. This is a huge one in my book, because I usually really despise the word “beautiful.” I’ve heard it so many times from boys who didn’t really like me and I never really believed it could be a genuine compliment… Until I had frizzy hair and no makeup on and needed a shower and Chris still thought I was beautiful. That was when I realized it was more than physical, it was respect and admiration, which is hard to find in female friends.

I’m not saying you have to walk into school tomorrow and pick out a male to be your new best friend, because that’s silly! But there are benefits to having a guy best friend not usually found in the females.

Quincy Bulin

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Quincy Bulin

Editor in Chief of Spire & Co. Regular consumer of breakfast tacos and podcasts. I lived all around the north until I realized that all along, I was meant to be in the south.

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