Television: The Best Escape

Hey Smart Girls! To cure our boredom over winter break, we subscribed to Netflix and have since found that watching their television shows were a great way to relax with the stress of our upcoming midterms. The winter season is the perfect time to escape the freezing, cold weather and relax next to the fire with a large bowl of popcorn! We have listed our top television findings below. We encourage you to watch them and become as addicted as we are!


1. Gossip Girl

We simply cannot get enough of Chuck Bass! The lives of Manhattan’s elite are too luxurious and intriguing for us to ignore! Despite a total of six seasons, we have managed to complete the first five in under a month.



2. Hawaii Five-O

If you prefer criminal mysteries with a dramatic twist, the remake of the late 1960’s Hawaii Five-O is your ideal series! Each suspenseful episode will have you attempting to solve the crimes yourself and wanting more.


3. American Horror Story

We have to say that this show is one of the most interesting shows we have ever watched! It tells the story of a family who moves into a haunted house and is tormented by its deceased inhabitants. Don’t miss out on this show because it unlike anything you will ever watch!



We truly believe that every person will L O V E this show! After a plane crashes on a supernatural island, characters struggle with their past, present, and future.


5. The Hills

A blast from the past! As young tweens, we simply could not get enough of this show! As mature teenagers, we agree that the Hills is a great show to watch at a sleepover with your best galpals!


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