The Best Advice Ever Given

Hey, Smart Girls! Today I wanted to do something a little more personal to my life. I went to some of my greatest role models and asked them one simple question: “What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?” You’d be surprised by how long it took to answer! Imagine paring everything you’ve ever learned into piece of advice. Crazy.

Everyone had great answers, though! I asked my favorite people that I felt truly represented the Smart Girls Group message:

Kristina – A former all-star cheerleader, she is studying Pre-Law and History at the University of Tulsa (how’s that for breaking the stereotypes?!). She is a great friend to all and always has wisdom and knowledge to share!

“I think when my mom said to let nobody get in the way of achieving your goals. And when she said education comes first.” 

Shawn – An absolutely fabulous mother, businesswoman and California girl at heart with a love of life: she hopes to die in a clown suit, being mauled by a bear in order to fulfill her dreams of doing something awesome and having the last laugh.

“No matter what is going on in your life, whether you’re a success in others’ eyes or your own, surround yourself with people who really love you, meaning so that when you’re at your highest, they are there and when you’re in your deepest, darkest pit, they are there also, because whether things are good or bad, being surrounded by your own personal cheerleading squad is the best place to be.” 

Gloria – A classy woman and mother who gives the very best in life and expects the very best back. She is strong and intelligent and motivated and despises a messy house. She loves her family more than anything in the world and displays loyalty at all times.

“The one that keeps coming back to me is something my daddy always told me… Stand up for what you believe in.”

Katie – My sister who does it all: A senior at the University of Iowa School of Nursing, the family relations chair of Dance Marathon, football enthusiast and avid watcher of Netflix. She appreciates the finer things in life such as Instagram and our dog, Norm Parker.

“The scoreboard doesn’t tell the story.”

Kim – My mother who will never stop working for the greater good. She hands out bottles of water to the local homeless, uses her wit and charm to her advantage in every situation, has a label for everything in our house and can make friends with a rock (and most likely already has).

“Go big or go home!”

Keri – My favorite aunt and also my other half, she and I have almost everything in common. She is a woman with a huge heart for any and all beings and does not have a judgmental bone in her body. Throughout every personal struggle in her life, she does not allow it to deter her-it only makes her stronger!

“Don’t you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine.”

What I love the most about being able to share these pieces of advice with you? Over the years, these ladies have led by example and incorporated this wisdom into their everyday lives. Not only that, but because of them, I have, too! It’s such a cool thing when your role models practice what they preach!

Have a great day!

Quincy Bulin

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