68 Summer Dresses Inspired By Our Favorite Bloggers

Summer Dresses

We are big believers that style means nothing if it doesn’t reflect who you are at your core. In the age of self-actualization, everyone’s trying to find their signature style. While you may feel you have yet to fully discover yours, we’ve rounded up some people who have: some of our favorite fashion bloggers. Their summer dresses are sure to give you major inspiration for the next time you go shopping so that slowly but surely, you can define your soul style. To add to the fun, we selected affordable options so you can snag your favorites while sticking to your budget.

The Maxi Dress

Lonestar Southern Maxi Dress

Source: Lonestar Southern

Does anything feel more summery than a flowy maxi dress? Whether you add a pair of wedges or go barefoot on the beach, a dress like this can be a perfect addition to your staple summer wardrobe. Here’s some of our favorite options:

The Slip Dress

Slip Dress Blogger

Source: Disco Daydream

With a dress like this, you’re five minutes, a light jacket, and some cute accessories away from an easy summertime look. Plus, talk about a bonus that this is about as comfortable as summer dresses come.

The Off the Shoulder Dress

Trendy Curvy Dress

Source: Trendy Curvy

It’s no secret that off the shoulder dresses are a big hit right now. The best part about the current obsession though is that there’s a cut for every girl, no matter your style preferences.

The Midi Dress

Lou Murphy Midi Dress

Source: Lou Murphy

It seems like every fashion blogger has been posting pictures in midi dresses lately. If you’re feeling inspired to try one out for yourself, consider one of these more affordable options:

The Eyelet Dress

Gal Meets Glam Eyelet Dress

Source: Gal Meets Glam

Eyelet is everywhere during the summer, and there are options from classic cuts to casual sundresses.

The White Dress

Gypsy Tan White Dress

Source: Gypsy Tan

If you’re looking for your go to dress for the summer, you can’t go wrong with a little white dress.

The Button Up Dress

Sophie Shoe Lover Gingham Button Up Dress

Source: Sophie Shoe Lover

If there’s a dress that you can sport for nearly every casual summer festivity, it’s a button up dress.


featured image by Merrick’s Art

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