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Looking for a college can scary and daunting process to embark on, yet also very exciting. I am a Junior in High School and along with the rest of my class, we have been instructed to begin the college search. There are so very many factors to consider when looking at colleges: tuition, location, size, majors, student life, admission standards, etc. Being a Junior, college is just around the corner, and I really wish I had started my college search during my Freshman year. That may seem premature; however. it is very important to get all the college visits in to any school you are considering because you certainly don’t want to commit to a school blindly. First off I would reccomend going on  this has been an incredible resource for me in choosing colleges I’m interested in, it not only has the stastics of the school, but also reviews from actual students about everything from professors to the dorms. Every school you look at is going to glamorize itself simply because they want your money, the reviews from the students give you an honest, down and dirty look from the inside out. Also you can find colleges by location and size and tuition and all sorts of stuff! It will make recommendations for you and you can save the colleges you are interested in. Starting freshman year I highly reccomend starting to think of schools you are interested in, get a free College Prowler account and begin making campus visits to them. Schedule a tour at the school, they are an amazing resource and give you so much useful information, you get to meet the professors, talk to current students and see where you could possibly be spending the next four years of your life. Ask any question you can think of, get your local campus area representatives contact information and keep in touch with them, get all the materials you can and get on the school’s mailing list. Also, an added perk is that you normally get a free t-shirt from the school! Another huge aspect is grades, it is a harsh reality sometimes when you compare your grades to your dream school’s student averages and realize that it is not as tangible as you would have hoped. Every single year of High School counts towards your GPA and the more you learn and retain, the better test scores you will receive. Then there is standardized testing which is very important for admissions, you want to get the best scores you can. Even if you get a good enough score for guaranteed admission into your school choice, keep studying and prepping and taking the tests repeatedly to get higher scores because the higher you score the more scholarship money you can be awarded and also then you don’t have to be so stressed about waiting for that big envelope in the mail and you can be confident that you got in. I would love to talk to any of y’all about your college search or visits or anything! Get motivated ladies, it all counts so do your absolute best and give it your all! It may all seem stressful, but its the beginning of an exciting new chapter of your life and you will end up exactly where you are supposed to be.

Ali Hannah

The beautiful University of Georgia!

The beautiful University of Georgia!

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Ali Hannah

Hey y'all, my name is Ali. I am a Senior in High School with a passion for Biology and Spanish. I plan to attend Mercer or Sewanee in the fall.

  • ccarlisle

    Thank you so much for this article! I am just a Freshman, and my school told us that we should start looking at colleges now. I really how no idea how to go about that until I read your article. I signed up for College Prowler, and it has been so much help. Thanks again!

    • Ali Hannah

      I am so glad that it helped! If there is anything else I can do to help you can always email me and I would love to talk about the college search and process in more detail with you and share even more of what has been helpful to me. Smart Sister love, Ali!

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