Spire Spaces: Create A Living Space You Love

Spire Spaces

Bedrooms. Dorms. Apartments. Houses. We go through many chapters of our living spaces. No matter your space, there is one consistency: you always have some kind of space to call your own. That space may be only a small corner or it may be a big home, or something in between. Regardless of size, that space should be a reflection of who you are at your core. Plus, if your environment can have serious influence on your energy, why not make it a positive effect?

It is with that intention that we kick off Spire Spaces, where we’ll cover home decor for your little corner of the universe, no matter your size or budget. Everyone should have a place where they can recharge, cultivate inspiration, and dig deep into who they are. Together let’s create yours.

Spire Spaces

1. brass frame / 2. Starling candle / 3. doormat
4. stool / 5. silverware / 6. string lights
7. tray / 8. rug / 9. desk lamp
10. bath salts / 11. ceramic jar / 12. glass hook / 13. ceramic lace pot
14. pencil cup / 15. mug / 16. wooden plant box / 17. pillow

featured image by The Selby

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Emily Raleigh

Emily is the Founder of Spire & Co. Since starting the brand in high school, she has spearheaded business development, community development, and marketing. Emily is a recent graduate of Fordham University, where she studied marketing, communications & media management, and digital design. When not working on Spire & Co, Emily can be found sailing, reading, exploring New York City, or on a bike–either finding her SOUL at SoulCycle or riding her rusty beach bike at her home on the Jersey Shore.

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