Introducing: Spire & Co’s First E-book


“You just need more confidence!”

Just? Is it just that simple? Is confidence just some kind of on/off switch? I don’t think so. I think confidence is this flowery end goal, not a strategy towards reaching happiness.

With Valentine’s Day and Galentine’s Day just around the corner, there is a big focus on love for other people, something very important to life in general. However, it’s nearly impossible to truly love someone if you aren’t a fan of yourself. Whether you are celebrating one or both holidays or running in the other direction, it’s time for all of us to be friends with ourselves.

Just like that confidence comment, being friends with yourself is no easy feat. It is possible, just not easy. It involves an investment of your energy and your time. But you are your greatest investment, so shouldn’t you treat it as such?

In order to make that investment easier, we compiled our first e-book here at Spire & Co, called Spire & Co’s Complete Guide to Being Best Friends With Yourself

Jam packed with hacks for changing your perspective and worksheets for tapping into your inner rockstar–your soul–consider this your first step towards meeting your ultimate best friend: yourself. 

Our intention is that you will emerge with a new understanding of who you are, why you rock, and how you can harness that knowledge to finally tell that annoying, self-loathing internal voice to shut up. And with only 24 pages, it is short, to the point, and makes for a worthy investment of your time.

The best part? It’s totally free. Consider this our Galentine’s Day gift to you.

Get Access to Spire & Co’s Complete Guide to Being Best Friends With Yourself

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Emily Raleigh

Emily is the Founder of Spire & Co. Since starting the brand in high school, she has spearheaded business development, community development, and marketing. Emily is a recent graduate of Fordham University, where she studied marketing, communications & media management, and digital design. When not working on Spire & Co, Emily can be found sailing, reading, exploring New York City, or on a bike–either finding her SOUL at SoulCycle or riding her rusty beach bike at her home on the Jersey Shore.

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