Spice Up Your Beauty Routine With Halloween-Inspired Makeup

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As an actress, I love Halloween for several reasons. One of which is the ability to get away with wearing makeup that I might not always have room for in my daily routine, even on stage. You’re always free to express yourself and your style in any way, but it can be challenging to find inspiration in everyday life. As Halloween passes by, take the opportunity to channel the holiday festivities into your beauty routine.

How to Spice Up Your Makeup Routine With Halloween-Inspired LooksSource: Brit + Co

Vampy Lips

Colder months call for darker lip shades. Snag the nearly-black purple lip stain from that vampire costume your bestie wore and paired with the right ensemble, you could sport vampy lips all winter long.

Spice Up Your Makeup Routine With Halloween-Inspired Looks

Source: Mixed Makeup

Glitter-Rimmed Eyes

I hoard glitter. There. I said it. However, instead of looking like I raided the arts and crafts store, I try to opt for a glitter-lined lower lash line for my day to day look.

Spice Up Your Makeup Routine With Halloween-Inspired Looks

Source: Guilty Bytes

Colored Mascara

Nervous about testing that blue mascara you bought when it was on-trend? You don’t have to throw it out now that it served its purpose during Halloween. Test it out the next time you have a girls’ night out.

Spice Up Your Makeup Routine With Halloween-Inspired Looks

Source: TheEverygirl.com

Bright Pink Blush

Wake up your face by using a light dusting of bubblegum pink blush on the apples of your cheeks for a doll-like feel.

Dark Eyes and Lips

Source: Buzzfeed

Dark Eyes and Lips

Dark makeup isn’t just for a witch costume. Break the rules for your next night out, go for a bold eye with a vampy lip.

Lemon Breeland

Source: Pinterest


Draw inspiration from an era you love. Whether it be 40s glamour or a pop of teal eye shadow from the 80s, a change from the norm will re-energize your creativity.

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