Smart Girls Get Involved: 4 Reasons to Join a Club on Campus

There are many clubs and societies at college for students to join; yet some girls may feel so overwhelmed that they end up not joining anything at all.  Joining a club, any club, is not only the key to a Smart Girl’s social contentment and overall happiness, it helps her grow, develop leadership qualities, and discover her likes and dislikes.  Clubs should not just be used to boost your resume, so here are 4 other reasons why you should join a club on campus:club3

1.     Meet People

If you join a club or society, you are bound to expand your network and socialize with those who share similar interests.  A larger group of friends leaves you with an abundance of support, unique relationships, and a network to help you build contacts in the future.  Connecting with other peers is important, but utilizing the club to build relationships with professors and other school administrators can come in handy when applying for jobs or internships as well.

2.     Discover Your Likes and Dislikes

To discover what you like, you must also discover what you dislike.  Smart Girls are passionate people, and the only way to find out your passions is to explore your options and interests.  The worst-case scenario is you realize a certain club isn’t for you, but it’s better to give it a go than to be left wondering whether or not you should have pursued something.

3.     Increase Your Happiness

Being part of a group is a very enriching and confidence-boosting experience.  When you are surrounded with those who share your passions and interests, you become a happier and more connected individual.  Additionally, knowing that you directly contribute to something inspires you to more deeply engage in other areas of your life, leaving you with a sense of happiness and fulfillment.

4.     Gain knowledge and leadership qualities

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Joining a club will inevitably lead you to learn more about yourself, your peers, and life in general.  Clubs provide you with the opportunity to broaden your horizons and gain leadership qualities that will allow you to embody the SGG mission of being smart and sharing smarts.  These leadership skills and knowledge are qualities that you can take with you to future internships and jobs.  Clubs and societies are vital ways to expand your knowledge outside of the classroom and to learn more than strictly academics.

The bottom line is that clubs are available for a reason: for students to join them and to enhance their overall college experience.  Don’t be afraid to join them, and don’t let your four years go by without getting involved!


–       Kristen McNeill 

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