Renewal Reading, Volume 5

Renewal Reading, Volume 5

Well hello there, March. How have your first few days of the month been going?

We’re sure you’re off to the races, grinding into your goals and capitalizing on the moment in front of you. You don’t have time to scour the web for quality reads when you have your eyes on the prize. Plus, there’s a lot of noise on the web so in the spirit of tuning out, let us do the searching for you.


Have you ever wondered how successful people maintain motivation? This study and Kanye seem to have the answer.

Start your month off right with these three methods for cultivating an abundant mindset.


This body positive Instagrammer explained the difference between a healthy body and a healthy mind by responding to negative commenters.

If nutrition advice seems mega contradictory from one source to another, this article on the only ten foods all nutritionists agree are healthy will clear some things up.

Style & Beauty

Rosie, who is ultimate hair goals, shared how to have healthy hair.

You’ll never look at a sports bra the same way again after you read how the jockstrap inspired the sports bra.


If you’re a big reality TV fan, this Netflix news is going to start your weekend off on the happiest note.

New research shows that you actually do look like your name.

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