Renewal Reading, Volume 3

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Renewal Reading is a series of link roundups where Spire & Co’s founder, Emily Raleigh, shares her favorite finds from around the web based on conversations going on here on SpireAnd.Co.

Wow, and just like that it’s the first Friday of February 2017. How are we possibly already on the thirty fourth page of our 2017 story? There’s probably a lesson in there about being present, but for now, let’s just soak in the positive Friday vibes, shall we?

My favorite thing about Renewal Reading is that I get to share my favorite articles in a way that lasts longer than a tweet. I try to spend a decent chunk of time each morning scouring the web for the latest and greatest conversations that relate to our mission and our community of ambitious young women. Creating these roundups is no CoverGirl easy-breezy-beautiful situation, if you know what I mean. There are brilliant minds throughout the world discussing everything from the science of happiness to the art of soulful style, so choosing just two articles per subject is HARD!

Nevertheless, I hope that these finds serve as a refreshingly positive light as you step into your weekend.


As we say goodbye to our January power word–fearless–this Marie Forleo blog post and video on the fear of failure (and how to get back up) seems like the perfect sayonara.

If negative thoughts are plaguing your mental space, Gabby Bernstein’s trick to dealing with bad vibes is a lifesaver.


Super Bowl weekend is here! If you’re heading to a party and want to bring a healthy alternative, this 6-ingredient pesto pasta salad is worth a try (and on my list for the weekend!).

Looking to mix up your friend dates outside of getting drinks or brunching? The Glitter Guide found five workout classes perfect for you and your girlfriends. SurfSET is totally on my wish list right now!

Style & Beauty

If ruining clothes were Twitter, I’d have a blue checkmark because I’m a freaking expert. I spill everything on myself. This GLAMOUR article on the best tried and tested stain-resistant clothing is just what all us clumsy girls need.

If you’re suffering from breakouts, check out the Well + Good guide to getting rid of acne once and for all.


While current domestic politics may have you in despair, women in Turks and Caicos’ government have been shattering the glass ceiling again and again for years. Now there’s something to celebrate.

Beyoncé is having twins. TWINS. I know you already know this, but how could we end this week’s Renewal Reading any other way? TGIF and TGI-Bey.

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