Raise Your Funds

One thing a lot of clubs in schools seem to struggle with is keeping enough money in their funds. The only way to really guarantee that you guys have money is to fundraise! Here are some fundraising ideas that are a little more exciting than your typical donut sale!

 Coin Drive: This is probably the easiest way to earn some money and it’s not completely out there. Have a jar or container of some sort that you carry around everywhere an

d ask people for change! You’d be surprised at how much loose change people have that they don’t want.

Candy Grams: You can do these for any holiday! They do take time to organize though, so keep that in mind. You definitely want to keep these at a reasonable price. A lot of people sell lollipops because they are cheap and easy! Along with that, when you deliver them it’s hilarious to see who got a candy gram from who.

Womanless Beauty Pageant: All you need are some boys who are willing to be silly, wear makeup, and strut their stuff on a stage! This won’t cost that much money to even start this. Set up a concession stand so the audience can snack while they watch. You can get the money from the tickets you sell to attend the show!

Yard Sale: Who would want to buy things

Please keep in mind that every school/club is different so these may need to be modified to fit your organization. I hope these suggestions have helped you come up some ideas for money for club! that have already been used or worn? A lot of people actually! You can clean out your closets and sell things you don’t want any more for decent prices. You will definitely need to advertise so buyers will come.

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