One Year With Smart Girls Group

Brand new SGG LogoHey Smart Girls! As all of you probably know, the Loop is celebrating one year and for my July volunteer entry, I wanted to share my unique and amazing personal experience through The Smart Girls Group’s Loop. I can’t remember the exact day or time I found the Smart Girls Group, but I do remember when I realized I wanted to be a sister of the amazing organization.

  1. Great Sense of Community: Throughout this year, I have made some amazing friends and have gained so much information through the other Loop entries and girls. So many of the girls in Smart Girls Group have their own personal blogs which piqued my interest enough to start my own blog. I have also gained some great friends in both the organization and through the interviews I have been fortunate enough to conduct for The Smart Girls Guide that comes out the first Sunday of every month (look for our next one in September with the relaunch).

  2. Feel like you’re making a difference: Every time I submit a Loop entry I feel like I am talking to all of the Smart Girls out there as if we were sitting around having brunch somewhere because it’s advice and stories that I would share with my friends. When I was writing my college entries about the college process, I hoped that I was helping someone else out with how to handle the stress that is inevitable with the long, harsh college process. If one Smart Girl can relate or learn something from my Loop entries then my job is complete.

  3. It’s Fun!: It never feels like I’m working for an organization whenever I write my blog entries. I get to explain what I’ve done for volunteer or what my opinions are on politics which allow me to have my opinions out there and for someone else to see and think about or think about maybe wanting to volunteer like I have.

  4. Amazing opportunities: Since I have joined the Smart Girls Group, I have written for the Loop for a year, been fortunate enough to interview and write a few columns for the Guide, made friends through the interviews, and bounce some ideas I have off people and see what they have to say about them, applying for a fantastic internship with Smart Girls Group and I am hopeful to start a Campus Chapter of Smart Girls Guide in South Florida at Florida International University.

I remember being nervous when I sent my application into Emily in May 2012 and I was so excited when I received the email saying they had a position for me in the, then coming soon, Loop. Since that very first email, I have felt like part of an awesome, amazing, wonderful and much needed organization. Every chance I get, I pass along how Smart Girls Group has changed me for the better and why everyone who has an hour or so a week should join. If you have wanted to be part of something important before, join The Smart Girls Group and become a sister and join us for our sure to be spectacular re-launch on September 1st.

Montana MacRae

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  • Emily Raleigh

    Montana, thank YOU for this amazing article. We feel so fortunate to call you a Smart Girl Sister and this article only further represents why we feel that way. Thank you for believing in our mission and in me.

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