MY Secrets about Victoria's Secret

A few months ago, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show aired and I cringed thinking of the girls who would suddenly criticize themselves and their bodies and express their distaste on Twitter.
You’ll always read stuff ranging from “If only I hadn’t eaten that cookie!” to “Heck, I’m gonna eat that cookie and not care.” to “Not even watching the VS Fashion Show, get off my timeline.” to some boy going “HECK YEAH (*some random model) is my WCW” and then you’ll have the hoped-to-be-discreet, slightly-political tweet that will start some sort of Twitter fight.
We as girls will bounce around between being confident with our bodies and not being confident. We will kill ourselves with insane diets and cleanses and bursts of working out, and then sometimes we’ll eat everything in our house and not care. We’ll complain over and over about our bodies that are “SO FAT” to our friends, strangers, Mean Girls, and social media, and we’ll do it especially during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and towards women with bodies that look similar.
Now, before you go all crazy on me, realize that I’m not necessarily here to talk about body image. Because we’ve read too many articles on that and are surrounded by all of these insane messages about how we’re supposed to feel about our bodies.
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Here are my thoughts:
These women have these bodies because this is their job. They are models. They are paid to look like this and work very, very hard towards this, just as you and I work hard towards our grades or towards our jobs, because we get great benefits from hard work. Do not feel like you have to look like this to have a great bod, because obviously this takes a level of commitment that, honestly, I’m not up to.
Don’t look down upon these women simply because this not your career choice. I get it– not everyone thinks being a model is the coolest thing ever. But these women are taking something they love (fashion– regardless of whether or not you think VS is fashion) and making a career out of it. They’re real people, not people you should feel almighty to tweet about how they’re not doing the ‘right thing’ with their lives, whatever that may be.
These women do not necessarily have eating disorders. This is probably what makes me most frustrated, because I don’t think that people understand how this insults so many girls (and boys) out there that have a mental illness where they physically cannot feel any different than this. Do not ignorantly tweet ‘those girls are probably anorexic’, because there is probably an anorexic girl reading it that is thinking about how something so crass that you’ve tweeted is controlling their life. Just because you think that a girl is thin doesn’t mean that they have an eating disorder, especially on this fashion show– there’s a clear difference between VS Angels and normal runway models.
There’s a very fine line between fit nut and anorexic. One is a healthy obsession, another is a mental illness that hurts deep and really sucks.
This doesn’t just go for Victoria’s Secret Angels, but for all women in this field, as your body is something that should be treasured and filled with good things, including a little bit of love.
Meredith Scroggin

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