Motivating Yourself to Write During the Summer

It’s the age old story: getting out of school, assuming that you’ll have infinite amounts of time to work on your craft, and then life gets away from you and you end up going back to school before you get time to do any of it.


This has been the story of my life with writing. It’s funny because creative writing has been made out to be a chore (“I better get some words down today”), when in reality, there is nothing I love more than writing.

I know that for this crew of Smart Girls, we’re writers by nature (and most creative people are procrastinators).

If you want to motivate to write during the Summer, my first and most important suggestion is Camp NaNoWriMo(I wrote another article on the loop about it). Pick a word count and stick to it; it can be big or small. It’s not as much how many words you get in, but if you are consistently writing.

You can also get together with your writer friends (both online and in real life) and write together. If you don’t want to write together, you can share your work or even share prompts. Even if you just write a few of the one word prompts on, you’re still writing and keeping your portfolio growing.

If you think that you’re not going to remember to keep your words going, make a calendar and write down how many words and what prompt you plan on doing for each day. If that’s too structured for you, you can make a big pile of prompts and pull a random one. Just like if you were going on a workout schedule, give yourself days to rest or write very few words: there’s absolutely no shame in giving yourself a day off. But going back to my first point, if you stop making it a chore, you realize that it’s relaxing and enjoyable. Writing gives you the free reign to express yourself in any way you want, without anybody judging you. Writing stories can be a diary of sorts, or public like a blog. The opportunities are infinite and there are so many stories that are just asking to be written, you just have to be the catalyst. I would love to read anybody’s writing, so if you’re interested in sharing writing, you can reach me at

I hope y’all feel a little bit more motivated and excited to write, so run with it and write your little hearts out.


Stay Smart, writers!



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