Living at Home: After Graduation

IMG_3955One thing I never expected to do was move back home after college. After a lot of time, research and calculations, I discovered that this was the best option for where I am in life and my finances. I was making a smart decision. But that did not make it an easy one.

Moving home after graduation is different than moving home for the summer– it is not two months filled with a summer job, catching up with high school friends and holding on to childhood for as long as you can. No. Instead you have entered the real world. You may or may not have an actual real world job, but you have bills, loans, insurance… everything. So here are some tips to smooth the transition of being an adult at home.

Talk about Expectations: Sit down with your parents and address the differences. Lay out your concerns, if you have them, and ask if they have any. Talk about what you expect and ask what they expect of you. Lay it all out on the table so there is no confusion or misunderstandings.

Get your own space: Your room is your space; with parental IMG_0036 (1)approval, make it your own. My room was pink and green, with polka dots, and very much reflected the fifteen-year-old who designed it. Before moving anything back in I painted the wall, got new bedding, and redesigned the lay out of the room. It is my own space and reflects where I am at in life now. Plus, it’s much easier for my parents to transition it into whatever they want it to be when I’m gone.

Agree on a timeline: This can be talked about when you lay out your expectations. Know when you are going to move out. Pick a date, and stick to it. This helps not only you, but also your parents. Having a concrete plan leaves no question of the future, and allows you no excuse not to save and move out!

IMG_1731Help out around the House: Here you are, living under your parents’ roof and stuff, so be grateful for that! Show your appreciation by cooking occasionally, helping with errands if it works for you and cleaning up after yourself. Do pretty much anything that can make your stay easier.

Budget: Use this time to save! Whether or not your parents are charging you rent, the time you’re spending at home is still the perfect time to save! In order to get out of the house and into your own apartment, you need to improve your financial situation, so make sure you plan out a budget and stick to it! Budget things like potential rent, gas, car insurance and (ugh) those college loans to make sure you’re on the right financial track.

These are just a few suggestions of how to smooth the transition, and I hope that you have more! Tweet @TheSmartGirlsGroup with your suggestions to home life after college life.

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Chloe Deranek

Chloe Deranek is a senior nursing major at Saint Mary's College in Notre Dame IN. Her favorite things include reading, laughing, and tea, "A lot can happen in a Year"

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