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Spire Empire Collection Spire & Co

When we set our March intention, we had big plans in mind. Remember? Declutter your life. Not clean out your closet. Not reorganize your drawers. No. We are talking about your life. 

But picking up a bottle of Windex is a whole lot easier. While your space may look shinier, your cleaning frenzy isn’t going to change your entire life. Sorry.

So what is the purpose of decluttering all that surrounds you? Simple. It allows you to make room for your greatness. And when fully recognized, that takes up quite a lot of space.

We get it. The process of decluttering is a pain. No one likes to take time away from hanging out with friends or pursuing your passion to clean out the junk we try desperately to just forget about. Our tip? Keep the end in mind. Declutter to build your personal empire of awesomeness.

But you know us by now. We don’t expect you to do that alone. So we have created our first collection of downloadable wallpapers: The Spire Empire Collection. Now, you can deck out your phone, laptop, tablet, and your social media backgrounds with the same intention you are setting in your life this month.

Downloadable Wallpapers

Check out our three Spire-exclusive downloadable wallpapers below. To score the whole collection, type your email into the form and we’ll send them right to your inbox!

Downloadable WallpapersMarch8.5x10

Downloadable Wallpapers

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Emily Raleigh

Emily is the Founder of Spire & Co. Since starting the brand in high school, she has spearheaded business development, community development, and marketing. Emily is a recent graduate of Fordham University, where she studied marketing, communications & media management, and digital design. When not working on Spire & Co, Emily can be found sailing, reading, exploring New York City, or on a bike–either finding her SOUL at SoulCycle or riding her rusty beach bike at her home on the Jersey Shore.

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