Introducing: Smart Girls Group x Chloe + Isabel's GEM

presented by Chloe + Isabel

Since Smart Girls Group’s inception, our goal has been to serve the needs of the world’s female trailblazers. The Smart Girl Sisterhood has united hundreds of these game changers across the globe, starting conversations, initiatives, friendships, and opportunities.


We are so excited to take that one step further with our latest partnership: Chloe + Isabel’s GEM program.

Do you dream of becoming a CEO? Fashion designer? Entrepreneur? This is the opportunity for you! Chloe + Isabel’s Growth and Empowerment through Merchandising program provides college students with an unprecedented opportunity to break into the extremely competitive fashion world, hone and develop their entrepreneurial skills, and grow their resumes to help land their dream jobs. Through direct selling of beautiful c+i jewels, Campus Merchandisers can make 25-40% commission off of each sale.  It’s a fantastic way to pay for school, books, housing or save up for future opportunities!

When Chloe + Isabel told us about this program, we knew it was something our Smart Girl Sisters would love just as much as we did. After all, our team is college women, too! We loved that GEM provides supportive training and real world experience, while creating an opportunity for women to gain financial independence (and score some super cute jewelry!). In this program, members of GEM learn invaluable sales, marketing, philanthropy, and social media techniques that will provide the confidence and communication skills necessary to succeed, how awesome is that?!

So we crafted some super fun projects and events that we will be leading here at Smart Girls Group to introduce you to GEM. From live video interviews with c+i executives to colorful photoshoots with real GEM merchandisers to a fun editorial program for our network of digital influencers, everyone will get a taste of what GEM is all about while learning how you can become the CEO of your life NOW!

When it comes to partnerships, we pick carefully, ensuring that we are creating engaging conversations with brands that Smart Girls care about, and that work to serve their needs in similar fashions to that of Smart Girls Group itself. We love Chloe + Isabel because they strive to provide the foundation for the next generation of female trailblazers through GEM, and if you ask us, that’s pretty fantastic.

Stay tuned for more info on how you can be a part of GEM! The application will be launching soon! (Anxious to hear more now? To learn more about Chloe + Isabel and shop their pieces, click here).

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