How to Survive College Decision Season

Accepted. Deferred. Wait-listed. Rejected. It’s nearing that time of year when these words start flying around during conversations and all over social media. As a high school senior, anticipating a letter or email with your college admissions decision can be one of the most stressful things in the world. Just two months ago I was waiting for the decisions from the schools I had applied to early, so I know firsthand how crazy the six to eight weeks during which decisions come out can be. Your friends start hearing from all of their schools and you haven’t yet– how do you deal, what should you say? And then your letters start rolling in– how do you deal with whatever they say, good or bad, as a Smart Girl?

still-waiting-for-admissions-decisions-thumbWhen your friends start hearing: what to do. The obvious answer: be there for them. If they get accepted to their top choice, of course be happy for them! Sometimes, their top choice is a school you absolutely hated. This is one of the trickiest situations during college decision season. Rather than talk about what you didn’t like in the school, be glad they loved it and if they know of your doubts, assure them they’ll have a great 4 years at said school. But more importantly, be present as a shoulder to lean on in case their news isn’t so great. Nothing is more appreciated in tough times than friends. But let’s be honest– once your friends start getting their decisions, we all know how you’re feeling inside– stressed, nervous, etc. Inevitably the thought all runs through our heads: what if I don’t get into my top choices? While I can’t promise you will, I can confidently say you will get into college. But the thought of separating from your best friends haunts you, so you think: maybe I should have applied there too? Don’t second guess yourself. You chose to apply to certain schools because you loved them, because you could see yourself there. Even though leaving your friends next year seems scary, it will make the times you’re all home on vacation even better.

While waiting, remember that stalking your email, online profile, and mailbox won’t make your decision come faster. You can wish and wish all you want, but it will come when it’s ready. College admissions offices wait so long to send out their decisions because they want to make sure they have compiled the best group of incoming freshmen– the best people for you to spend the next four years with! As you begin hearing from schools, only share news with who you want to. I encourage you to stay away mailboxfrom posting every decision you hear on social media. Why? A school that you don’t really want to go to but got accepted into may have been a top choice but deferred decision for a classmate. Keep in mind that everyone is stressed during these six to eight weeks, and seeing all of your acceptances or deferrals will stress them out even more. The most important thing to remember is that you will get into college. And although being rejected, even deferred, from your top choice may seem like the end of the world, it isn’t. Ultimately you will end up at the college you’re meant to go to, and you will thrive as a new Smart Girl to the community!

The best of luck with hearing back from your colleges, girls! My fingers are crossed for each and every one of you!

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Maggie Chaquette

Director of Communications for Campus Chapters. Founder and President of Smart Girls Group at Georgetown University (Hoya Saxa!). Instagram and Pinterest lover, Foodie, Yogi, Aspiring Runner. Member of November Project DCA #thetribeisstrong

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