How To Pull an All-Nighter

Hey Smart Girls! Exam time is quickly approaching, and I’m sure you all are starting to feel bogged down with an insane amount of schoolwork and studying. While pulling an all-nighter for school really isn’t ideal, sometimes it’s necessary. Here are some tips to help you survive an all-night study session!

  1. Take frequent breaks. Even though this seems like it would be counter-productive, taking breaks can actually help you to be more focused during the time you’re working. For every 30 minutes, take a 5-minute break (time yourself!) and then for every hour, take a longer break where you get up from your desk. Walk around, do some jumping jacks, or do something else that doesn’t involve staring at a screen.
  2. Stay away from social media/distractions. Put your phone on do not disturb and place it across the room. Download Self Control or Cold Turkey and block everything that could potentially be even the slightest bit distracting. Once you get rid of the distractions that your phone and computer provide, you can work in a much more focused way. This is worth it when you get to go to bed an hour earlier than you thought you would!
  3. Give yourself rewards. Perhaps, on one of your breaks, go grab a Diet Coke or a piece of Dove chocolate. After you’ve finished a task, allow yourself to check your phone really quickly. Knowing a reward is coming motivates you to work through a task more quickly.4f2f71dca3eb2.image
  4. Work in a brightly-lit area, and don’t get too comfy. While it’s tempting to dim the lights or work by a lamp when you’re working at night, the darker environment will only make it harder to stay awake. Also, working in bed or another area that’s just a little too comfy will lead to you dozing off in no time. Work at a desk or table in order to ensure maximum productivity.
  5. Try to prepare accordingly. If you know there’s no way you can avoid pulling an all-nighter, try to take an hour-long nap in the afternoon. Even this short amount of rest can help you to have more energy for your all-nighter.

Good luck on exams, Smart Girls! I hope these tips helped!

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Claire Francis

​I'm Claire, and I'll be a freshman at Ole Miss in the fall studying International Studies with minors in Spanish, business, and public policy. My favorite time of day is early in the morning, and I love driving with the windows down when the weather is good. In my spare time, you can probably find me tweeting, reading, or doing something Smart Girls Group related!

  • Anna Wan

    This is such a great article! And it’s so helpful because I’ve been sleeping so late recently to study :'(

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