How to Make Your College Application Resume

Applying to college can be very stressful and aside from getting good grades there are certain steps you should take to have higher chances of getting into your dream school. So we have listed some great tips for you to enhance your college application resume! 

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Plan, Plan and Plan
As you are starting your high school career, it is imperative to plan for your future. Start planning what careers interest you and begin to explore them through extracurricular activities or volunteer work. If you have no clue of your future career, then involve yourself in as many activities as possible. Make sure you plan what classes you should take, especially with AP courses. As well as start to look into different colleges and read for their requirements to apply.

Pick your Fun
Once you narrow down your college options make sure you sit down and talk to your parents to see what colleges you can afford to go to. If money is an issue, begin planning for scholarships or even loans. It’s never too early to start saving for college! After picking the colleges that you are planning to apply to down the road, start demonstrating interest in them. Join their mailinglists!

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Image via Imgarcade.

Make Great Relationships
As students we often overlook making strong bonds with our teachers but a great letter of recommendation can make your application. Begin to observe the teachers that you would like to make a bond with.

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