This Is How You Build a Leadership Mindset


Close your eyes for a second (well, after reading these next two sentences). Picture people you consider leaders. Picture what they look like and think about why you consider them leaders

Okay, open your eyes. 

Who did you picture? What was it about them that you felt qualified he or she as a leader? Chances are, all of the people you thought of have some similar underlying qualities. But any leadership study ever done could tell you that. 

Here’s what they won’t tell you: those qualities are not solely found in CEOs, political leaders, and world changers. You can choose to have the exact same mentality that the greatest leaders in the world possess. How? You build your leadership mindset.

Treat everything as an executive decision.

Whether you are the President of a country or the President of your class, it’s obvious that with that role comes choices to make a major impact in your given environment. With those choices comes great power. However, that ability to make decisions is not just in the hands of those with a title.

Everything that you are doing, from brushing your teeth in circular motions to raising your hand in class to how you respond to a tricky situation, is a choice that you make. You choose the energy you project to the universe every given moment of your life. And you choose how you will allow the universe to affect you. Imagine the power you would have if you simply claimed each moment as an opportunity to make an intentional executive decision. 

Make the intention to learn.

CEOs are focused on the bottom line. Political leaders have their eyes on the next election. Fashion bloggers are tracking their social media followers. No matter the position, there are always very tangible goals that leaders have to work towards. However, life is short. We are given these super cool opportunities to claim our power and they don’t last forever. The role of a leader cannot simply be to reach a certain goal for an organization or themselves. There has to be more to it than that. 

The next time you are given any kind of leadership opportunity (which remember, doesn’t mean leading the masses but rather choosing to be a leader in your own life) and you are presented with a challenge, think to yourself: what am I supposed to learn from this? We are on this planet for a specific period of time. Shouldn’t we come out weathered and wise from capitalizing on learning experiences?

What makes rockstar leaders are those who choose to claim their power and they do so in all areas of their lives. They make choices intentionally and they make them often. And the biggest choice they make is the choice to learn and in turn grow.

There is nothing stopping you from becoming one of the world’s greatest leaders. You simply have to make the executive decision to have the mindset of a leader.

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Emily Raleigh

Emily is the Founder of Spire & Co. Since starting the brand in high school, she has spearheaded business development, community development, and marketing. Emily is a recent graduate of Fordham University, where she studied marketing, communications & media management, and digital design. When not working on Spire & Co, Emily can be found sailing, reading, exploring New York City, or on a bike–either finding her SOUL at SoulCycle or riding her rusty beach bike at her home on the Jersey Shore.

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