How to: Be Beautiful


Every girl wants a ten step guide on how to look beautiful, but as we all know, that isn’t possible. Sure, it’s partly because there isn’t one set definition of beauty, but it’s also because beauty comes from the inside. It might sound like something from a disney movie, but if you really think about it, it’s true.

We don’t usually realize that we associate people’s attitudes and personalities with their looks, but we really do. The truth is, no matter how beautiful we are on the outside, we’ll still blend in if that’s all we are. The people that make a difference are the ones who are beautiful on the inside. The way we see people has a lot to do with the way they make us feel.

Seven Steps to True Beauty

Be Confident (Be Yourself!) : Believing that you are beautiful will make everyone else see what you see… that you are beautiful! Don’t worry so much about little flaws… embrace them. Nothing is more attractive than confidence. Everybody is different, and you’ll never look like that girl in the magazine, so stop trying! Embrace your beauty, be confident, and be happy. Sure, not everyone’s going to be so encouraging, but if they care so much, it’s just because they wish they were confident too. Once you start being yourself, nobody can take away your beauty. Being who you were made to be will make you the most beautiful of all.

Be Kind: I could write about kindness forever, but it really can make a huge difference. Putting others before ourselves and loving them even when it’s hard is a sign of true beauty.


Be Thankful: Staying humble, having a heart of gratitude, and not taking anything for granted is one of the most beautiful things a girl can do. No matter how successful we might become, realizing how blessed we are will keep a good head on our shoulders.


Have a Good attitude: Nobody likes a “Debbie Downer.” Having a positive outlook will not only help you to be happier in general, but it’ll make people want to be around you, and your positive attitude will reflect onto them.

Give the Benefit of the Doubt: This goes with having a positive attitude, but it also means trying to accept people who might not have the same views or lifestyle as we have.  For example, remembering that if someone wants to wear a crazy outfit, then they can, and we don’t have to like it, but we also don’t have to say anything mean about it.

Invest in Others: Care about others, invest in their lives, and be there for them. It’s funny how the less we think about ourselves, the better we feel about ourselves (and others) altogether. This goes along with being a good friend, which I wrote about here.

Be Smart: Lastly, be smart. I could never write a list that says all the Do’s and Dont’s of life… this is just a few ideas. So, use your smarts in each situation to be the best person you can be, and never forget that true beauty really does come from the inside.

Jenna Adendorff 

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