How to Be a Smart Girl Every Single Day

College is a fantastic place to learn. Not only are there people there who are willing to share their knowledge on a subject you have chosen to study, but there are opportunities to take extra modules, go to lectures about subjects not covered in your course and sit in on classes about everything from academic writing to interview skills. However, college isn’t the only place where learning happens, and a smart girl knows this. A smart girl is curious and looks for opportunities to learn outside of her degree.

Has something sparked your interest and you want to know more? Why not do some research online or make use of the library at college or in town? Contact a professional in that field and see if you can ask them some questions.

Lacking some inspiration? Pick up a book you wouldn’t normally read, go to a talk or spend the day alone at a museum or exhibition. If you can fit it alongside your college studies, you could even take a free online course on or a class at Smart Girls School. Take up a new hobby. There are countless videos online that can teach you all sorts of things like a foreign language or sculpting.

Do not confine yourself to what you are learning at college. You have been learning all of your life, from the moment you were born, and you will continue to learn throughout your life, even when school is over. Be open to everything and consider each experience, good or bad, as a learning curve. Smart girls ask questions, take initiative and are interested in the world around them.

Here’s to being a smart girl every single day.

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Stephanie Williamson

Stephanie Williamson is a Modern Languages student at the University of Bath, UK. She blogs about alternative education, literature and sometimes food at She is a proud feminist, Harry Potter expert and Jane Austen lover and her ultimate goal is to write a novel.

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