How To Add a Pop of Color To Your Summer!

Summer vacation is the time for relaxing on the beach, working on your tan, traveling around the world and more. To me summer is also the time to express ones self through vibrant and bright bursts of color.  A pop of color can show through articles of clothing and through your very own makeup. Here are some easy tips to help add that color to your summer makeup routine.

 A fun way to express this is through a very popular runway trend, bright eyeliner.  A simple colorful liner like Stila’s All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, which also comes in both a pencil and gel liner, works great especially in an intense color like turquoise.  With these liners you can do anything from a simple water line look to a fierce cat eye. An easy tip to enhance and brighten the color even more is to add a base liner with a white or jet-black liner.


During the summer I try not to pile on makeup especially in the humidity, but with a lipstick or lip-gloss it is super easy to show a pop of color and keep things natural. One of my favorite lipsticks is a color called Dollhouse Pink by Wet N Wild Cosmetics, which is easy to find in any drugstore. This shade is a very vibrant and almost neon pink with a blue undertone, which enhances the color even more and makes your teeth look whiter.  When the heat is constantly rising and the air becomes very dry I like to wear a moisturizing based lip balm like Maybelline’s Baby Lips, which come in all different shades from a subtle pink tint to a dark rich red. Maybelline’s Baby Lips also have delicious tastes and scents like coconut and grapefruit.


Using color with your makeup doesn’t have to mean wearing a crazy neon shade that always stands out, you can use color in a very subtle and even natural way while still having that pop. One way to do that is with blush. Blush is a great cosmetic tool that can brighten up your face and add dimension to your cheeks. Blush doesn’t only have to be used for cheeks, but can be used as a highlighter for your brow bone and even as an eye shadow.  A great way to make your blush really stand out is to keep all other makeup very natural while adding a bright blush to the apple of your cheeks up towards your cheekbones.  This creates a nice dewy glow, which brightens up your whole face. A good type of blush to create this look is a cream blush like Maybelline’s Dream Bouncy Blush.  Fresh-Pink_pack-shot

I hope these tips helped in any way to show off your bright colors of summer. Don’t ever be afraid to go wild and vibrant with your makeup, and just be the great smart girl you are.  Have an amazing colorful summer!

Emma Senior

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