How I Became a Sister

581398_421037144611862_997051211_nJust over a year ago, I was someone who was a little bit lost. I couldn’t find any extracurriculars that interested me and felt so out-of-place compared to my peers. My grades were alright, but they were nothing special. I was certainly intelligent, but I didn’t really care.

One day, I was up late checking out some blogs when I came across Hannah over at The Pink and Green Prep. She was writing for this new little publication called The Smart Girl’s Guide and encouraged every girl to get involved… Sound familiar? Everything about it sounded incredible. Those were the types of girls I wanted to be, but never believed I could.

I was so intimidated by the idea of actually taking advantage of our amazing Involvement Guarantee! I thought they wouldn’t want me: I was hardly involved anywhere. I was honestly just getting by in my life. I didn’t know if I trusted myself to stay active within the community and thought I would do the Group a disservice.

But, I did it. Finally, a few months after reading the post on Hannah’s blog, I emailed Emily almost exactly one year ago, still thinking she might reject me. I thought she’d see through my positivity, and notice how I was lazy and unreliable. But the craziest thing happened: She believed in me! I’m honestly tearing up writing this because without that response, I would be an entirely different person.

Originally, I wanted to write for The Guide. That online magazine was, and still is, like a second Bible to me. In my application, I stressed my writing skills. It’s all I really thought I had to offer. Em had other plans in mind for me: Writing for the Loop on a weekly basis and copy editing for the magazine.

With each week I was writing blog posts, my writing skills became stronger. Even more, I loved copy editing for The Guide! It was so fun getting a sneak peek of all the articles. I took on extra assignments whenever possible and thanks to my enthusiasm, was promoted to Head of Copy Editors in January (and I still get to edit)!

As time went on, I decided I wanted to start my own blog, Barn to Charm. It takes a lot of courage to write a daily blog: Your thoughts are made public for anyone to critique and criticize. That’s something I wouldn’t have been able to handle my sophomore year. I was confident now though, and I had the support from my Sisters to help me!32365_443359745712935_473281543_n

I can honestly say I’ve never met or had the opportunity to surround myself with such a positive, intelligent, selfless group of females.No matter what I do, no matter what I think, my Smart Girl Sisters are there to support and encourage me. If I ever doubt my abilities, I have 150+ girls telling me that I’m capable.

It’s not just what this unique sisterhood environment can do for you, though: You get back as much as you put in. I love being there for my Smart Girl Sisters! Any time I receive a Skype call or text message from one of them, my face lights up. They’re girls just like me: Ones that want to change the world and refuse to wait until tomorrow.

Though we share the same motivation, we’re all from different places which makes each of us incredibly diverse. I’ve had the opportunity to connect with girls from all over the country, each one providing a unique perspective and opinion.970222_516622801719962_602257006_n

Long story short: Here I am now. I’m confident. Reliable. Enthusiastic. Kind. All thanks to the influence of the best Sisters a girl would ask for! Beyond my work with the Smart Girls Group (Loop writer, Head of Copy Editors, Social Smart Girl, Women Empowerment Development intern, among all other odd jobs…), I write for two other websites, have been published three times, and am starting an internship at a publishing company once I get back from my summer course at Brown University.

My Smart Girl Sisters believed in me, which is what made me start to believe in myself. Thank you Emily, for creating a place for me and so many other girls to thrive. My life would not be the same without your guidance, influence, and faith. I am only one story from the countless lives you’ve touched and inspired, and we all love you dearly.

Quincy Bulin

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Quincy Bulin

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