How a Smart Girl can Stay Organized

Hey Smart Girls, if you’re busy like me you probably have a lot of different things to balance! Between classes, work, and extra curriculars it can be challenging to keep your life in order. Luckily, four years of this have taught me some pretty good tricks that I would love to pass on to you.

First thing first, you need to figure out what method keeping a calendar is best for you. I generally think of there being two methods the paper planner or the electronic planner – I personally like to use both. However, you also have to figure out what type you like within the method. For example, I like to use google calendars for my electronic calendar and for my physical planner I like them to have a day per page so that I have plenty of space to write everything down.

Tips for Electronic Calendar Use

  • Create sub calendars. As I’ve mentioned, I like to use Google Calendars. They have this great feature where you can create sub-calendars under your main one. I love this feature because you can give them custom names and colors. For example, you might have a work calendar, a classes calendar, and a social life calendar. It’s an easy way to take a quick look at you calendar and see what you’re spending time on.

  • Sync it to your phone. Most phones these days have an option to sync your personal calendar to your phone. It’s a great way to access your calendar on the go and make changes if needed. If you choose not to use a physical calendar this will help prevent you from double booking yourself.

  • Keep it vague. Electronic calendars are not the right place to write all of your home work assignments. Use it as a general way to track your time commitments.

Try making your own calendar if you can't find one that works for you!

Try making your own calendar if you can’t find one that works for you!

Tips for Physical Calendar Use

  • Make sure you find the calendar that works for you! this might take some experimenting. I went through three calendars until I found one that I liked. Make sure you have a enough space, like the way the pages are formatted etc. I might take some searching to find the perfect one, but finally having it will help you.

  • Be as specific with times as you can. If your planner doesn’t give you times, make sure you write them out next to the event. It won’t do you any good if you have an event written down, but no times next to it.

  • Color code them. Much like you can do with an electronic calendar, give different types of events different colors. This allows you to quickly look at something and know what it’s related to.

  • Write down the details. This is a good place to keep track of homework assignments and to-do lists. But taks in under the days they need to be done, and cross them off as you go.

Tips for Using Both Together

  • Use the same colors to represent the same kind of events in both. This will help you avoid confusion and create cohesiveness between your calendars.

  • Try to sit down once a week and go through them together. Make sure you have any events in both places so that you don’t miss them.

There’s no right way to stay organized. It’s all about what fits you best. What are your favorite tips and tricks that help you stay organized?

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