How To Host A GNO

Girls night is a great time to catch up with old friends or make memories with new ones. I have put together a few different girls ideas that are easy on the budget. Sometimes a girl’s night in can be even more fun than a girl’s night out! The first and perhaps most important step for ALL girls night activities is to put away the cell phones. Bonding requires conversation and you’ll be amazed at how much fun you’ll have without the stress of your cell phone; a house number can be used in emergencies and I suggest buying some disposable cameras so that you can have real copies of all the fun times!

Take A Chance

Game Night is a traditional and fun idea. Have all your girls bring their favorite board game, whether it be traditional or new and spend the night learning or practicing games. Monopoly, go fish, connect four and candy land are sure to bring up the past but there are a lot of new games out there that are easy to learn and sure to be fun! Racko, Anomia, Apples to apples and Cards against humanity are some of my personal favorites. So put the popcorn in the microwave and turn up the music because game night is sure to be a party!

Have A Movie Night

If you’re not much into games, a movie night may be a popular alternative ( and still includes popcorn J ). Have your friends over for an outdoor movie night! Fire up the projector, hang a large white sheet, and have plenty of comfy seating! Friends can bring their own blankets, pillows, and sweats and enjoy a variety of movies under the stars! In my experience, the DIY popcorn bar is the best and most frequented part!

Take A Trip To The Spa

Who doesn’t love to de-stress and be pampered? Summer is the perfect time to get your girls together and treat yourselves! Calm music can set the tone and candles add an ambiance of relaxation. Set up manicure, pedicure, and facial stations throughout the room. Using the kitchen for some DIY facial mask recipes will add a bit of creativity to the night! Whether everyone bring their own, or you provide the ingredients for one recipe- DIY is sure to be a success! This super fun “Spin the bottle” game will spice up the night and also help your indecisive or often bland friends try a new sassy nail polish color! Here are some more ideas for what to have at this SPArty: Nail polishes, makeup remover, towels, mirrors, headbands, nail files, cotton balls, nail polish remover, hand lotion, some soapy buckets to soak your feet in. Don’t forget the magazines for people to flip through while their feet soak and if your friends are anything like mine, don’t forget the SNACKS!

Bake It Out

Baking night is another fun option especially if you want to make girls night a weekly, or monthly event. Let each of your girls choose a recipe per week and have the other girls over to help bake , decorate and most importantly eat the yummy treats. If cupcakes are the baked good for the week, you could invite your girls to BYOT (bring your own toppings) to decorate the cupcakes! Who doesn’t love a baking night in once in a while? The options are endless.

Host A Clothing Swap

Now for my favorite “girls night” idea: how many of you have had clothes that have hung in your closet, or laid on your closet floor for months or years? I know I have. This last idea may in fact be the most useful. Have all your girls gather their unwanted, or old clothes, shoes, and jewelry and bring them to your Girls Night In: Clothing Swap edition. Trade, bid, and barter for each other’s old clothes. One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure! What better kind of party than one where you can add to your wardrobe! All you need to do is set up some tables for the clothes and jewelry to be laid out on. This is my favorite girls night idea because it involves recycling and can also involved donating if there are items remaining at the end of the night.


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