End of Summer Style Watch

One of my favorite parts of ending summer is reviewing how some of my favorite celebs styled different outfits during summer. Since this is something I enjoy doing so much, I thought I would share it with you! I’ve gathered my top 5 summer style picks below and you can read to see why I loved them!



Let me just preface this by saying that how can anyone not love Reese Witherspoon and every single outfit she wears? (Calling all “Legally Blonde” fans out there!) I mean come on, she’s absolutely fabulous! This breezy dress paired with comfy sandals, and a casual ponytail makes this look both polished and effortlessly chic. Also, isn’t Reese’s smile just glowing?



Speaking of effortlessly chic, Taylor Sift is the definition of that term. I don’t know how she does it, but somehow she manages to pull off every look and every style seamlessly. I wish I could do that! Taylor’s outfit here looks classic, but when you look closely the stitching in the skirt give it a bit of an edgier vibe.



Karlie Kloss is the epitome of street style. Ever since her and Taylor Swift became chummy with one another, no one has been able to stop their fabulousness. This sundress and minimal accessories keep Karlie’s outfit simple and understated, but the slit makes the dress a bit more unique.



If you haven’t fallen in love with Olivia Palermo’s flawless style yet, you definitely will now! I love how she paired two similar, but different geometric patterns with simple black and white accessories allowing the focal point of the outfit to be the blouse and shorts!



When I think of summer style, my mind immediately goes to Blake Lively. I’m not sure how, but this girl manages to create homages to summer all year long. Maybe its her blonde hair and tousled beach waves, but something about her is so reminiscent of the sun. I dont think it’s possible to do a summer style post without featuring Blake Lively.

Hopefully you agree that these 5 women pulled off summer in the best way possible!

Who’s your summer style icon?

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