Eating Raw, Eating Right

Eating Raw, Eating Right

            Look left; look right. Raw food, juice bars, and vegan options are overtaking the market! Practically every menu option has a “certified gluten free” stamp of approval. We can call this tolerance, variety, improvement, and awareness. The recent dietary progressions taking place across the United States are something to be proud of, for sure. But are these foods something you might be interested in? This is something people should explore on their own in order to create the ultimate healthy diet plan according to his or her personal needs.

Eating according to a “raw food diet” simply means eating a large portion of uncooked, unprocessed, and ideally organic plant-based whole foods throughout the day. Basically, a raw foodist believes that the road to a much happier and healthier life is paved with a plethora of uncooked fruits, vegetables, seafood, and even meats. Medical journals boast about the health benefits and possible cancer-fighting powers the raw food diet brings about. Increased vitamin and protein intake also help your muscles recuperate at a much quicker rate, thus relieving soreness and fatigue. So why are some people so hesitant to give up the fast food? Well, like nicotine, sugar is addictive and causes your brain to crave more food, despite your stomach’s fullness. Fatty foods tend to be loaded with sugars, sodium, and other preservatives that keep your brain wanting more (which is why I can never just eat one piece of chocolate!).

An overwhelming majority of groceries bought by US citizens are frozen or already prepared. This leaves a lot of room –and necessity- for high sodium, preservatives, and added fat. A raw food diet would eliminate these threats to your health and overall being. Of course, I am not suggesting everyone should become farmers and start cultivating the land for their very own victory garden. But I am suggesting some consideration. Your health and well-being can substantially increase by eliminating high amounts of salts and sugars, and replacing them with raw fruits and vegetables. Health benefits include: more energy, clearer skin, stronger and shinier hair, stronger nails, increased digestive health, maintained blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure, weight loss, decreased food cravings, AND an instantly flatter tummy (with the reduction of sugar intake). I know, I know, you can thank me later! Until next time, smart girls.


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Bridget Hennicke

Fordham University junior studying premed and psychology. Fordham cheerleader.

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