15 DIY Home Projects To Transform Your Space

DIY Home

Whether you’re looking to transform a house, studio apartment, or dorm, there are endless possibilities for your creativity to run wild when it comes to decor. However, home decor can get super expensive. In the spirit of financial independence, I began looking for inexpensive alternatives on Pinterest and found a slew of DIY home projects that wouldn’t end up as a Pinterest fail meme due to their complexity. Regardless of your personal style or the size of your space, there are always new DIY home projects that you can create that will add your unique energy to a room. Get started with one of these DIY decor projects.

1. DIY Stamped Leaf Painting

Source: Mr. Kate

2. DIY Marble Counter Tops

DIY Marble Countertop

Source: Earnest Home Co

3. DIY Gallery Wall

DIY Gallery Wall

Source: Mr. Kate

4. DIY Bar Cart

DIY Bar Cart

Source: Sugar & Cloth

5. DIY Clutter-Free Bathroom
DIY Clutter-Free Bathroom

Source: Your DIY Family

6. DIY Pantry/Cabinet Organization

Source: DIY Joy

7. DIY Wallpaper Staircase

Source: redesignreport.com

8. DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

Source: The Frugal Girls

9. DIY String Art 

Source: Dear Paradise

10. DIY Pom Pom Curtains

DIY Pom Pom Curtains

Source: Joann

11. DIY Upholstered Chairs

DIY Upholstered Chairs

Source: Shelterness

12. DIY Personalized Doormat

DIY Personalized Door Mats

Source: Homedit

13. DIY Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

DIY Kitchen Cabinet Lighting

Source: Hometalk

14. DIY Statement Vase

DIY Statement Vase

Source: Hometalk

15. DIY Painted Rug

DIY Painted Rug

Source: Hometalk

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