Digital Detox

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHey Smart Sisters! The months at college and school are always  going to be full of technology usage, and we all know it. So, I have a proposition for you, why not take a few days out to have a digital detox?!


Most of our daily life involves our mobile phones, a computer (aka internet), a television, and our iPods, not to mention all the time we spend on social media. Did you know, at least 1 in 7 people use social media around the world? Thats quite a lot! No wonder we are all in need of a digital detox, and there are so many benefits which come with it!


So basically a digital detox is all about turning off your electronic devices and gadgets and just taking some time out from the virtual world! Once you take a look at the benefits, you’ll be dying to take a digital detox yourself!


1. You are more present and mindful – without the constant distraction of social media you have more time to be aware of your surroundings and be more purposeful with your actions.


2. You have more time to spend time with family and friends – It’s crazy how much more time you have to spare without the constant checking of phones and computers. Why not break out a board game and spend the afternoon with your family!


3. You can spend more time outside – Even though you can take phones outside, why not leave them at home and go on a hike. Take the chance to fully immerse yourself in this beautiful world!


4. You can relax – We all need time to relax every now and then, and its the perfect time to catch up on some long overdue reading of your favourite novel, or even your mag!


Stay Smart!




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