Creating a perfectly productive study space!


Where you study has a huge impact on your productivity.  If you sit in your bed, there is a large chance that you will end up watching Gossip Girl on Netflix rather than studying Biology. Having a proper place to study and do work is quintessential to your career as a Smart Girl. First off, find a table or desk, any hard surface to bear down on will do. I found a desk at Ikea that works great and was inexpensive and actually kind of fun to put together! Next, you need a good chair, make sure you’ve got good back support because chances are Smart Girls are studying for hours on end (found one at ikea). You can even sit on a yoga ball which helps with your core strength and focus. Also, having good lighting in the room you are in is important, I always have a lamp on my desk (from ikea) to help me focus and keep me awake. Another very important thing is sound, if you study best in a quiet room, then close the door and keep it quiet, if you like to study with music, then put on some non distracting music to study to. At your study space make sure you have everything you will need, all your pens, pencil, highlighters, note cards, books, binders, electronics (and chargers or batteries). Keep everything in close proximity to avoid distractions. Speaking of distractions, turn your phone off, or on do not disturb, a phone is a huge distraction. If you use a computer to study then make sure you are only on work related apps and websites. It can be hard to keep yourself accountable to study for hours on end when Pinterest is calling you so get the free app called Self Control and block all distracting websites for a block of time. Self Control is a huge help to me because I am so easily distracted, I have to block almost everything: email, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, online shopping, etc .Your study space is also going to need some food and beverages, studying can be exhausting so make sure to grab some bottles of water and some fruit or crackers to snack on. Anything that you think you would possibly need during your study session, bring to your study space, so that you do not have to leave. Good luck with all the studying beautiful ladies and keep up all the hard work!

Ali Hannah

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Ali Hannah

Hey y'all, my name is Ali. I am a Senior in High School with a passion for Biology and Spanish. I plan to attend Mercer or Sewanee in the fall.

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