3 Calming Crafts to Help You Destress

Calming Crafts

It’s no secret that life can be stressful, whether you’re turning on the news or simply trying to race from point A to point B. I’m always searching for new ways cope with stress and anxiety, and I’ve been noticing a trend in calming crafts. You know, those recipes for glitter slime and lavender playdough that you see on Pinterest? We’ve rounded up our favorites for you to try and zen out to. Grab your glitter glue!

Stars in a Jar

Mind Jar

Source: Urban Moms

This recipes involves glitter glue and a mason jar. The soothing movements of the liquid glitter can help you to refocus scattered thoughts and calm your breathing. I love this recipe. Of course you can easily replace the mason jar with a clean water bottle or other sealed container that will allow you to experience the soothing focus exercise of the glitter jar.

Galaxy Slime

Galaxy Glitter

Source: DIY Joy

I remember when I was a little girl and we would go to the salt water taffy shops at the beach. I would stand in front of the taffy pulling machine just mesmerized by strands of taffy consistently being pulled. I feel like the slime making trend is similarly satisfying to the senses. This recipe is a bit of a double dip when it comes to crafting trends, but I just love the extra calming celestial colors of this slime.

Lavender Playdough

Lavender Playdough

Source: Living Well Mom

You’re never too old to benefit from the sensory stimulus of playing with playdough. Think of it as a moldable stress ball. I love this recipe because it uses the soothing scent of lavender essential oils for added relaxation and stress relief. Plus, it is the easiest, most natural recipe for homemade playdough that I have found, certainly an added bonus!


featured image by The Lovely Drawer

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