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Vanity Fair has finally released the cover of Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner, embracing her new look and it is incredible. In April, Jenner came out as a Transgender Woman in an emotional interview with Dianne Sawyer. Since then there have been many comments from the Kardashian Klan about their feelings and how Caitlyn’s journey has impacted their lives as well. From emotional interviews to heartwarming Instagram posts, the girls have embraced their new “Angel on Earth” and have continued to show their love and support.

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It seems as though the issues surrounding the lives of Trans people and their loved ones are finally being included in a very important discussion that has been needed for years. Speaking up for Trans people and including them in these important conversations will help to educate and normalize these journey’s and prevent suicide and depression. Including Trans people in our movies, television shows, and media outlets is incredibly important because it finally allows young people who may be struggling with their own gender identity to see someone on TV that they can relate to. They can see a strong successful role model that inspires them and motivates them, or helps them to feel less alone. Shows like “Transparent” and “Becoming Us” have become popular and made it clear that we need to continue to talk about this topic. The process of transitioning can be difficult for many families, regardless its important to understand that the person you love, and what makes them unique, whether it be their favorite food to their favorite movie does not change. We fall in love and cherish human beings not for their outward appearance, but for who they are in their soul at the very core of their being. We as a society need to understand that this does not change, only now their soul inhabits a body that can finally present itself in a way that makes them truly happy and fulfilled.

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During these past few months of Caitlyn’s journey, people have felt the need to speak negatively and hurtfully about something that does not personally affect them. They are promoting hate speech in a way that continues to stigmatize trans lives and they are not considering who is reading their hate speech on the internet. Countless trans teens feel hopeless and deal with painful conversations with family who might refuse to use their desired gender pronouns or are depressed by their lack of support from those around them. Imagine how they feel signing onto Facebook and seeing the hateful comments made about someone who they can relate to. The way we speak about human beings need to change or we will continue to live in a society that disregards the feelings of others and refuses to acknowledge that Trans Lives Matter.

Caitlyn’s bravery has created a platform for her to use her voice to help others but we cannot forget that a majority of Trans people do not have the same privilege as she does. They struggle with their inability to transition in every way that they can due to the cost and would love to transition as quickly as Caitlyn has. Hopefully her journey normalizes the Trans experience and brings attention to a topic that needs support, funding, and education. Not everyone comes from the same socio economic background as Caitlyn Jenner, that does not diminish her journey or bravery, but is important to address in order to portray a realistic narrative of what Trans people go through everyday.

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Regardless of how much hate people continue to spread there is no denying that Caitlyn has had an extraordinary life so far and can proudly say that she has inspired people regardless of her gender. While she lived her life as Bruce she was an Olympian and gold medalist, and as Caitlyn she inspires thousands and graces the cover of Vanity Fair. Her bravery should be a message to everyone that our time on this earth should be lived authentically and you should surround yourself with those who love every single thing that makes you, you. 

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