Behind the Smarts: Smart Girls Guide’s Kenneth Cole Productions Shoot

This post is in partnership with Kenneth Cole Productions. All views are 100% our own.

There is nothing quite so #NewYork as congregating outside Kenneth Cole Productions at seven in the morning on a Tuesday for a photo shoot. Armed with a bag of street vendor bagels for breakfast, six Smart Girls were welcomed into the Soho store by members of KCP corporate. By the time we arrived, we found that the outfits had already been styled for us and we were in love—typical to the brand, there were fierce dresses, cozy sweaters and cool shoes galore.

While pondering where to shoot, we were drawn to the many details that make the city so special—the grunginess of a parking garage stairwell, the obnoxious sounds of bright yellow taxis honking and the cobblestone streets that yes, do still exist, all inspired us. That’s the great thing about New York City: There’s no location scouting necessary because all of it is equally magical.



While one of us was shooting or providing direction (or sweet-talking the parking garage operator into letting us shoot in his stairwell), others would be walking around the store and ogling at all the sophisticated-yet-fun designs for fall. Our personal favorites? Heeled desert boots, body-hugging knit dresses and edgy leather jackets.


The most fun to be had, however, was on set. Whether it was discussing how cool elephants are, dreaming about the places we’d walk in all the amazing Kenneth Cole shoes or watching each others’ power walks, there was never a dull moment. Then again, when Kenneth Cole is involved, would there ever be?

Check out the full spread in our September issue!

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