Be the True Friend You Want to Have

What’s worse than having no friends? Having fake friends. Doesn’t it just make your heart sink? I bet we all have memories of times we learned a friend wasn’t so much of a friend after all. So, how can we rid the world of fake friends? One person at a time. Starting with ourselves. 

If I could sum up how to be a true friend in one word it would be loyalty.

My friend Eleanor and I went to the Dominican Republic together!

My friend Eleanor and I went to the Dominican Republic together!

 To show a person that you really care you must put  them before yourself and think about how it would make them feel before you do something. Be that friend. Be the friend who’s there in the middle of the night. The one who goes out of their way to ask if everything’s okay. The one who understands and talks and doesn’t just pass little details by. Be the one person that they can feel safe enough to be themselves around. The one who brings light to the dreary situations. The friend who doesn’t bring them down for their weaknesses, but rather builds them up and points out their strengths.

Being a true friend is one of the most important things in life. You could accomplish everything you ever wrote on your bucket list, but if you’re never a friend to anyone, what legacy would you leave? Rather, accomplish your goals in love and true friendship will come from that. Because we’re all so busy, sometimes we forget what’s really important: like the people who need us. So lets be there for them, because in the end, that’s what really matters. It might be a sacrifice sometimes, but I can guarantee that the benefits of having true friends are so worth it. So, don’t just be curious, really care. I think that’s a huge difference between fake friends and real friends. Some fake friends are there to listen, but they just gossip about the situation after, or they act really nice around you, but you know it’s not genuine. If you really care, it’s inevitable that you’ll be a true friend.

And remember: you dont have to be a best friend to be a true friend. I have some friends who I talk to once a month or less but if I need them, they’re always there. And sometimes, that makes all the difference.

So laugh when your friends laugh, get excited about their accomplishments, invest in them as people, and care about their lives. Most of all, be yourself and enjoy sharing your experiences with those around you. Because, what is life without people to share it with? Be the friend you wish you always had, and maybe that friend will end up coming along.


My sister and I- my best friend from the start

After all, you have to be a friend to have a friend.

Jenna Adendorff


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