Bananagrams or Banana boats?

Summer is right around the corner, and that means it’s almost time to start slathering on sunscreen, lounging on the beach, and partying all night.  While I like to talk excitedly with my friends about staying out all night now that school’s over, I know that, realistically, I’ll probably spend every night alone, in bed before 10 PM, watching Netflix and eating pizza.

Many of us don’t have the opportunity to have a movie perfect summer, running around with friends, meeting hot lifeguards, etc, and are instead dragged along with family friends and parents.  I often find myself falling into the same routines over break, and return well rested but not completely satisfied.

Here’s some advice of things you can do other than play Bananagrams with your parents and watch reruns of Friends

1.  Teen/Young Adult Activities.

Many hotels/resorts/clubs have activities (from parties to cruises to game nights) aimed at teenagers/college aged kids.  You might think they’re lame, but I promise, having been forced my my mom to go to a few myself, there are plenty of other kids there who you will get along with, if not become friends with.

2.  Family Activities.

While you may prefer to spend your night partying with your friends, if you’re vacationing with your parents that’s not really an option.  Again, many hotels/resorts/clubs host family activities, like movie screenings of Shrek and Cars.  These events are pretty fun (and the movies, of course, are classic), and there is usually a surprising amount of teenagers/college aged kids who are also there with their siblings and want someone to talk to.


3.  Volleyball.

Whether it’s volleyball, soccer, corn hole, or an underwater handstand contest, try to play in as many games as you can.  Most people are friendly and open to/used to people asking to join their games.  If you feel uncomfortable going alone, grab a friend or a sibling and play together.  You’ll make new friends and maybe even discover a hidden talent for perfect volleyball serves.


4.  Jet Skiing.

I resisted Jet Skiing for so many summer vacations, instead choosing to stay on the beach and sleep.  While, of course, lounging on the beach is a great way to spend vacation, you may feel like you accomplished more during your vacation if you tried out everything.  Try jet skiing, parasailing, banana boating, snorkeling, and even scuba diving!


5.  Biking.

Some people like to spend their mornings running, claiming they enjoy the scenery, it prepares them for the day ahead, and it’s good exercise.  I personally find it difficult to enjoy the scenery and mentally prepare myself for the day when I’m out of breath, sweating, and cramping up.  Visit a bike rental shop and try going for a ride each morning along with the joggers.  You can also bike around the town/beach you’re at, and it’s a great family activity.


Of course, to fully enjoy these experiences you have to be open to new adventures, and be friendly and welcoming to strangers.  Asking for suggestions of new foods to try and places to visit is a great ice breaker.  If you notice a book, license plate, or something else in common, point it out and make a new friend.  Don’t spend your whole vacation napping and listening to music- go biking, scuba diving, even just visiting the water park or a museum is better than sitting around and watching Modern Family all day.


Be willing to just go out and have a good time, and your summer will be awesome 🙂


I hope all you Smart Girls have a great summer!


~  Teddy

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