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Spire And Co

our mission

To be the trusted resource for young, ambitious women aspiring to live their most fulfilling lives. Whatever summit she is climbing, we hope to help her breathe easier along the way.

Here’s the good news: you already have it all together.

You have all the potential a girl could ever ask for and you’ve already started to harness it, whether you realize it or not. You could do it all yourself and you would cross every finish line. Because you are motivated, powerful, and fiercely independent. But why should you have to go it alone?

Think of Spire & Co as your ultimate bestie. Your big sister. Your helpful compass. Your reliable resource. The arms that catch you when you fall. The band-aid that helps you heal. Here to help you through your greatest challenges and celebrate your greatest triumphs. To give you the microphone to amplify your voice and all that you are.

We all need someone we can count on and we want you to be able to lean on us. We want to cheer you on as you strive to become your greatest self. We want to arm you with the inspiration and information you need to grasp the immensity of who you are destined to become. Wherever you turn, we want to ensure you can find happiness and fulfillment.

Whether you are reading one of our energizing newsletters on your morning commute or winding down the day with a story that feels as if it were written just for you, we want you to consider us your companion through all the twists and turns in your life. Welcome to Spire & Co.

Emily Raleigh

the spire story

Quite simply, Spire & Co was started by a big sister who wanted to have her little sister’s back.

Emily Raleigh was a senior in high school when her little sister, Sophie, was starting her freshmen year. Like any sister, Emily had a lot of wishes for her, hoping that she would find fulfillment throughout her next four years. So she wrote Sophie a field guide to doing just that. That gave Emily an idea: why not start a magazine that would make all the little sisters of the world feel like someone had their back? On January 1, 2012, Spire & Co (formerly Smart Girls Group) was born.

Spire & Co started as a small, 20 page, digital magazine, written by nine girls. Before long, Spire & Co was not just a magazine, but a sisterhood, filled with rockstar young women from all over the world. Nearly five years later, Spire & Co is an online and offline destination for ambitious young women covering soulful content, from spirit to style.

Spire And Cowhat we cover

We proudly serve young women who are hungry for fulfillment and we strive to provide a roadmap to purpose and happiness. We fearlessly dive below the surface to uncover what it truly takes to stand in truth, own inner power, and confidently walk towards destiny.

We also know that when it comes to fulfillment, no topic is off limits, which is why we discuss everything from spirit and style to finance and fitness, always with the Spire & Co woman in mind. All of our content is written with the strongest of intentions and the deepest desire to be of service. We focus on creating digital conversations for the soul, so we can pinky promise that you’ll never find noise on this little corner of the internet.

Around here, we like to call ourselves an online sanctuary and we take that pretty seriously.

Spire Chaptersour chapters

Spire & Co’s Chapter Network is a program that brings the signature Spire & Co community into the live setting on campuses and in communities across the country. This hands on program is designed to fulfill each circle’s unique set of needs, while following our universal personal and community development program.

Our mission is to serve as a space for aspiring young women to foster their passions, build perpetual bonds, and create lasting impact in their communities. Our chapters offer young women the opportunity to connect with other ambitious young women in hopes of creating perpetual bonds that will withstand time and life evolutions.

For more information on our chapters program, please head to our Spire & Co Chapters page. We accept applications on a rolling basis. Chapters are not limited to schools and universities.


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